The couple Laynet Lore Wynch and Boi Wynch founded Art-Nordic to enhance the big interest in Art and to improve the connection and understanding between artists and art collectors - including the possibility of expanding the interaction between art-clubs and the interest in Art among different nations.

Art-Nordic hosted the biggest Art exhibition in Copenhagen in 2014, 2015 and in 2016 and is expecting to become the biggest Art Fair also in 2017.

10.800 visited Art Nordic in 2015 and that figure grew to 13.000 art-interested visitors in 2016, and is expected to increase to at least 15.000 in 2017.

Art Nordic`s Art catalogue has more than 300 pages and secure that the artists are exposed and not overlooked.

To create and Art Fair of this magnitude costs around 300.000 €, but this amount is necessary to create such a spacious and high quality atmosphere, which can reflect the works of the artists and make the guests feel really welcome.

Contrary to what many may think ART needs to be EXPERINCED in reality. Quality art is always “sticking” out, and tells us that it is of no importance if it is created by a Dane, a Swede or an artist from Mexico. Art has a language of its own, and can be understood far beyond spoken languages.

The value of exchanging thoughts and ideas in such an international forum cannot be estimated too highly, it is simply enriching!