Online Catalogue/list of participants: Where do I find the online catalogue and list of participants?
Link to online katalog

Extra equipment. Order form: Where do I find the order from?
Link to order form

Link – for promotion
The logos can be used freely for promotion work on facebook, Instagram, Linke-In, in emails, personal posters etc.
Link to logoes

Team Art Nordic – contact: 
Organiser: Boi Wunsch,
Organiser: Laynet Wunsch,
IT/Webmaster: Kim Rechenberger,

Chairs: How many?
Each stand has one chair. For extra chairs, use the order form:
Link to order form

You are also welcome to bring your own chair(s), as long as your stand look presentable.

Tables are not included in the stand price, but can be rented.
You are welcome to bring your own tables(s) and chair(s). Use the order form:
Link to order form

Size of walls:
250 cm x 100 cm x 1,6 cm (16mm)

Spots/ Lamps
There will be six LED-spots on each stand. Extra spots can be rented. Use the order form:
Link to order form

It is difficult to foresee/prevue whether you will need extra spots on your stand, as Lokomotivværkstedet is a very light place, because of the daylight.

Another factor playing in is the colors of the paintings on your stand. Are they dark or light?

Dark paintings need more light, than light paintings.
However, make sure you don't use too much light, in order to over expose the paintings. It is important to use the daylight as well, as it is rarely that people (the customers) have their houses lit up with too much light. And a painting will change character/color if you change from daylight (blue light) to artificial light (yellow light), and can give the customer a disappoint when taking the painting home, to another kind of light.

You are welcome to bring your own spots, as long as it looks good on the stand.

Please note that in order to do so, you will have to buy power outlet (el-udtag, 1000 w)
Don’t forget extension cables. Use the order form:
Link to order form 

If you need electricity on your stand, you must buy a power outlet, 1000 w (el-udtag, 1000 w). Use the order form:
Link to order form

You can bring your own hooks or rent hooks.
Link to order form

Price labels
It is each artists own responsibility to make price labels.

Make sure the price labels are alike. It looks nice and professional when there are printed. Do not print on plane white paper, choose an egg white, which match the walls better. White price labels can appear dirty on the egg white wall.

Parking area
Otto Busses vej 5A, 2450 Copenhagen SV

parkering 2018 high

The parking facilities have grown from in 2016, 250 parking spaces to more than 1.000 parking spaces in 2018.

The parking is free of charge throughout the 5 days at Art Nordic including the 3 days Art Nordic is open for all visitors to the extend parking spaces are available where at the same time it is legal to park.

Alternative parking spaces
Fisketorvets P House. Only 500 meter away, and the 4 first hours parking is typical free of  charge

Kalvebod Brygge 59, 1561 København V.

Parking spaces 500 meter away named: Hotel Tivoli  
Arni Magnussons gade 2, 1577 Copenhagen  V.

Moving into Lokomotivværkstedet :
Thursday 19th April from/to 17 – 20
Friday 20th April from/to 08 – 13.45

All stand must be ready to receive guests at 14:00 hours.

The address for delivery is:

Otto Busses Vej 5A, 
DK-2450 Copenhagen SV

The main entrance
There will be several people present to receive the goods.

Moving out:
Sunday 22nd th April 2017 from/to 17 – 21

If you start taking down the exhibition space BEFORE 17.00 a fee is added in the amount DKK 2.000 (EUR 270)

Hotel accommondation
Hotel is not included, but not expensive.

Art Nordic recommend (two miles) away. Art Nordic recommends two hotels (clean and friendly respectively 1 km and 2.5 km from Lokomotivvaerkstedet.

Wakeup Copenhagen
Carsten Niebuhrs Gade ll, DK-1577 Copenhagen V
Phone +45 4480 0010

Cabinn City
Michellsgade 14, DK-1568 Copenhagen V
Phone: +45 3338 5610 -

Wifi is available at the fair. All participants will receive the access code at the fair.

Food and BeveragesFood and beverages can be bought at the fair, at fixed price.


Facebook: Is there a closed forum for exhibitors/organisers on Facebook?

Facebook: Does Art Nordic have an official Facebook page for artist and art lovers?
Yes, Art Nordic har an officiel group called ’Art Nordic International – for artist and art lovers’
Link til facebookside

Facebook: Who is the administrator of the Art Nordic groups on Facebook?
Laynet Wunssh and she will answer questions.