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Til: Otto Busses Vej 5A, 2450 København SV, Københavns Komm


Starting April 2017 Art Nordic has moved and now Art Nordic more than doubled the space  and we exhibit in 2018 throughout more than +10.000 m2.

Now with 1.000 parking spaces free of charge right outside the exhibition space.

The parking facilities have grown from in 2016, 250 parking spaces to more than 1.000 parking spaces in 2018.

The parking is free of charge throughout the 5 days at Art Nordic including the 3 days Art Nordic is open for all visitors to the extend parking spaces are available where at the same time it is legal to park.

Parking area
Otto Busses vej 5A, 2450 Copenhagen SV

parkering 2018 high

Alternative parking spaces
Fisketorvets P House. Only 500 meter away, and the 4 first hours parking is typical free of  charge

Kalvebod Brygge 59, 1561 København V.

Parking spaces 500 meter away named: Hotel Tivoli  
Arni Magnussons gade 2, 1577 Copenhagen  V.