About Art Nordic

The Art-Nordic Sales- and art exhibition will be held on 5th-7th April 2019 at Lokomotivværkstedet in the heart of Copenhagen. It features 220 artists from approx. 30 nations participating, and for the past 5 years the Exhibition has had +65.000 visiting guests from six continents, making it the largest Sales- and art exhibition in Scandinavia.

To create and Art Exhibition of this magnitude costs around 300.000 €, but this amount is necessary to create such a spacious and high quality atmosphere, which can reflect the works of the artists and make the guests feel really welcome.

Contrary to what many may think ART needs to be EXPERINCED in reality. Quality art is always “sticking” out, and tells us that it is of no importance if it is created by a Dane, a Swede or an artist from Mexico. Art has a language of its own, and can be understood far beyond spoken languages.

The value of exchanging thoughts and ideas in such an international forum cannot be estimated too highly, it is simply enriching.

Persons behind Art Nordic

Boi Wynsch

The initiative to create Art Nordic was taken by the couple Boi and Laynet Lore Wynsch, who both, apart from a great passion about Art, also have great experiences in the business world, each of them having had their own individual company.

Boi Wynsch started out with an education in Jydske Bank, one of the largest banks in Denmark, which he later used in setting up a big company, The Silver Group, which at some point had a turnover of more than 450 million DKK per year. He has travelled the world intensely, and been involved in Fairs in more than 40 countries. He is a true cosmopolitan, who now spends all his energy creating wonderful possibilities for art and the artists.

Laynet Wynsch

Laynet is an artist in her own right, and has painted and created all her life. But that hasn’t stopped her from creating a big business “The house of Brides” where she brought her education as a designer and fine, artistic eye to good use. The business expanded to become one of the biggest of its kind, so she created wedding dresses for brides in several European countries, too. After 20 years she closed her business, deciding to devote all her time to Art, both as a painter, but also as one of the driving forces behind Art Nordic.


Art Nordic cooperates with galleries both in this country and abroad, and we encourage “our” artists to exhibit in other countries all over the world.

40 artists, who are connected to Art Nordic, have in recent years exhibited in France, Belgium, Italy, Holland, Germany and in various cities in Scandinavia – and even as far away as in Dubai, Japan, U.S.A and Canada. Be careful when you choose and invest in Art Fairs, believe in your talent and cooperate actively both with other artists and with the organizers. You are dealing with your livelihood and your possible success, there is a lot at stake.

Renewal and development are important to an artist. That is why it is important that you notice new tendencies, also when you participate in an Art Fair like Art Nordic. Another booth then last year, another lay-out of the booth can enhance the individual artists talent and skills. Remember – it is important to keep the visitors attention in any possible way you can.