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September 1-3 at Game and Volume in Copenhagen

When art and design meet

Art is one of the main sources of inspiration for Line Nevers Krabbenhøft, Head of Design at SOFACOMPANY. She uses art to understand patterns and needs in society and believes that art and good design should be accessible to everyone Art Nordic has partnered with...


Artful home: How to get more enjoyment from art in your everyday life

Choose art wisely! When you decorate your home with art, you create a new narrative where each piece of art is its own chapter. Think about what feelings and thoughts each piece evokes in you - and place them in the right places in your home. Here are five tips for bringing art into your home in a way that benefits both aesthetics and well-being



New Nordic art at BMW Experience Center in Lyngby

From April 28 to 30, the BMW Experience Center will be transformed into ARTEXPERIENCE, an art and sales exhibition that introduces visitors to a wide range of new Nordic art. The exhibition is the result of a partnership between BMW Experience Center v/Jan Nygaard AS and Art Nordic.


Welcome to Art Nordic

Art Nordic is dedicated to helping you discover and buy works from the best upcoming artists in the Nordics. Whether you want to discover a new artist, add a unique piece of art to your home, or make room for more creativity in your life, Art Nordic is your gateway to thousands of original works by some of the most promising artists in the region. Our mission is to make it easy for you to find and buy art that will enrich your life, while at the same time supporting the Nordic art scene.

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September 1

September 3


Art and sales exhibition with + 50 artists in Volume and Game at Vesterbro, Copenhagen. A celebration of community and solidarity through art.

Enghavevej 82D, 2450 København SV

Artist portraits

Munroe Martens Richter

”When I work I can find myself relying on intuition and emotions as I try to understand the questions that are hard to formulate in words." The recently declared danish champion in portrait painting is undergoing rapid development at Art Nordic.


Pia Kølbjerg cover

Pia Kølbjerg – An artistic journey into the microscopic

"It all comes from within. What emerges is highlighted and a new order emerges. Everything in my art is about the inner organic. Out of chaos comes order in the form of a newly emerging micro-world. Everything, colors, shapes and patterns should end up radiating joy of life."


Art Nordic Spotlight: Anna Præcius Lunde

"The painting of the flaming red-haired woman with peach-colored skin was as the days went by transformed into an old bald woman with cold skin tones. The result of my art mentor's essential advice. Right there I discovered my way of expression”



“Art Nordic provides great service and they are really serious and professional.
An exhibition that is super beautiful and exciting for all senses and communities.”

Trustpilot, 2022


Performing the work professionally, informing artists clearly and well, and ultimately active on social media. Very satisfied.”

Trustpilot, 2022


“I was part of the exhibition this year in April. I made a lot of contacts and Art Nordic was definitely key. The communication was also really good. I would definitely love to participate again!”

Google, 2023

Lasse OSV

As an artist, I had a really good experience at Art Nordic. I felt well treated and had the opportunity to network with talented artists. I also had a really good sale of artwork.

Google, 2023


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