Falang Noi - Nanna Malumgon Andersen

Inspired by rural life in Thailand and urban life in DK.

Falang Noi – a nickname I have often been called throughout my upbringing. Translated briefly from Thai, it means “The little foreigner”. It is something that I have often felt like, both in Denmark where I was born and in Thailand where my mother comes from.

When I was younger, I found it difficult to make sense of two vastly different cultures and saw it more as a disadvantage than an advantage.

However, as I have grown older and gained a deeper understanding of where I come from – especially my roots in Thailand, my perspective has changed. Now, most of my inspiration comes from a combination of this – the best of both worlds.

I try to showcase this dual meaning of “foreignness” through my art. I mix Thailand’s vibrant colors and numerous impressions with Denmark’s minimalism and city life. These contrasts result in colorful art pieces that are not perfect but tell great stories.

// Nanna Malumgon Andersen