FAQ about Art Nordic Online Studios

Online Studios
Is membership binding?

You can cancel at any time with one month’s notice. We do not refund membership fees retroactively.

Can all artists become members?

Only artists who have applied through Art Nordic’s application form here or have been invited directly can be allowed to create a profile on Art Nordic Online Studios.

What does the membership include?

A membership to Art Nordic Online Studios allows you to create a profile and works in our online gallery that buyers can order through Art Nordic. We help you with administration, shipping and dialog with the buyer. In addition, membership gives you access to a number of benefits such as discounts on our exhibitions, participation in Curators Awards and access to advice and sparring.

What benefits can I expect to get from my membership?

A membership to Art Nordic Online Studios is essentially a ticket to an exclusive community of artists and experts who will help you develop your career, brand and visibility. Through our marketing efforts, we also make sure your art is shown to the right audience online. But it’s important that you actively use the profile yourself. This means: keeping it updated, linking to it from social media and your own website, newsletter, etc.

What are Master Classes?

Art Nordic Master Classes are held online once every six months as a special service for active and experienced members. Master Classes focus on various topics such as: “Marketing and branding”, “How to get started teaching”, “Latest developments in the art market”, “Art therapy”, “Exhibitions and sales” and more. Topics and guests are announced two months before each Master Class.

How do you market my profile?

Art Nordic markets Online Studios through ads on Google, Facebook and Instagram as well as our newsletter for art lovers.

How do I pay for my membership?

When you order the membership, you will be asked to provide your payment details so that the subscription can be charged every month or year. The system remembers your information until the membership is canceled, if applicable.

How do you help sell my work?

Art Nordic offers to help you sell your artwork. When a buyer commissions a piece, Art Nordic helps arrange shipping and invoicing. This way, we ensure that both you and your buyers receive a friendly and professional service.

How much do I pay in commission?

Art Nordic takes 20% commission for the sale of works with a value below 1,350 EUR. 15% commission for works with a value between 1,320 EUR and 2,700 EUR, and 10% commission for the sale of works with a value above 2,700 EUR