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General information

The price for participating as an exhibitor is reasonable, and you can choose to exhibit alongside another artist and save approx. 50% by sharing your stand. A small fee is charged if you share a sales- and exhibition space, partly because you must both be included in the electronic sales- and art exhibition catalogue which is free of charge by anyone interested in following the sales- and art exhibiting Art-Nordic artists and selected to take part in 2020.

Three talented artists in each their category will be selected among the exhibiting artists, and each of the three winners will receive special awards for respectively best art 2020, best foreign artist 2020 and most innovative artist 2020. The three individuals will further get free stands for 2021 worth DKK 10,000 each, in addition to the honour and the high advertising value an award brings with it.

Food, cold and hot drinks can be purchased.

10,000m2 of exquisite art, pottery, bronze sculptures, photography and silverware, pop up art, glassware art and art articles etc. During the past 6 years, Art-Nordic has been the largest Sales- and art exhibition in Scandinavia and Art-Nordic has been sold out several month of the upcoming Sales- and art exhibition.

The Art-Nordic Sales- and art exhibition will be held on 27th-29th March 2020 at Lokomotivværkstedet in the heart of Copenhagen. It features 250 artists from approx. 30 nations participating, and for the past 6 years the Exhibition has had +79.000 visiting guests from six continents, making it the largest Sales- and art exhibition in Scandinavia.

On Facebook, approx. 4,000 visitors reviewed Art-Nordic and awarded the Exhibition a 4.5**** average rating on a scale with a maximum of 5***** awarded by Facebook.

Experience artists and guests making a real difference for the enjoyment of art, other visitors, galleries and art associations from home and abroad. Also meet art
Exhibition representatives from large parts of the world who also follow art trends in search of unique art of high quality at Exhibition prices. Of those who invited themselves, the 2018 exhibition you find Hearst Publishing in Moscow, Russia and Sotheby’s out of London, Great Britain.

You keep 100% of proceeds of sales. Art-Nordic takes no fee for the art you sell before, during or after the annual art Exhibition.

We are sure, that you will gain great joy from exhibition your art at Art-Nordic sales- and art exhibition in march 2020.


It is possible to set up your art on Thursday, March 26, 2020 after 2 p.m. 17, as well as and Friday 27/3 2020 at. 8:00 to 13:30.

The deadline for ordering accessories is Sunday, March 1, 2020:

Use the order list or email to: laynet@art-nordic.dk
In the event of requests for alterations to stand walls, drawing must be submitted no later than Tuesday, March 10, 2020

You will find the list of accessories for the stands here.

You will receive 70 free tickets which are valid for two people. Value per ticket is DKK 140. Normal fare is DKK 70 per ticket.

You can order free tickets by following this guide (Link to guide).

There will also be the opportunity to borrow ladders.

You will find the participant list here (made for link).

The logos can be used freely for promotion on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, mails, personal posters / postings etc. You can find them here (made for link).

Tables are not able to rent. But can be rented (made for link).
Feel free to bring your own table or tables.

Each stand has a chair. Extra chairs can be rented (made for link). Feel free to have your own chair and any. several chairs with.

Size: 250 cm x 100 x 1.6 cm (16mm)

There are 6 LED spots per condition. These are LED spots that are attached directly to the wall, in an arm that protrudes 30 cm. Additional spots can be hired, but here you need to make more considerations.

Feel free to bring your own spots as long as they are set up properly and it looks nice.

However, you should be aware that this requires you to purchase electrical outlets (1000w) for the stand (made to link), and remember to bring extension cords.

Since there is a lot of daylight coming into the Locomotive Workshop, you may not need more spots. Another factor that matters is whether you have bright or dark images. The dark ones ‘swallow’ more light, the bright ones light up more. And it is important not to over-light. Customers do not usually have the bright light in their homes, which means that if they fall for a picture (which is over-lit), they can be disappointed at home. We even heard about someone who came back with a picture because the picture was not the same when they came home with it – because of the light.

If you need to use electricity at your booth, you can purchase a power outlet (power outlet, 1,000 watts) here (made for link.

You can bring your own hooks, or order / buy (be made to link) hooks by March 1, 2020.


All art must be packed down on March 29, 2020, from 17:00-22:00.
Collection of art via freight company, must be picked up LATEST Monday, March 30 before 10:00.
Failed to pick up the art before 10:00, Lokomitivværkstedet, because they has leased the hall to the next customer at 10.30.

If you fail to pick up the art before 10:00, you will be fined DKK 2,000 (EUR 300) per commenced hour.

If you would like more information, please contact Boi Wynsch at (+45) 5189 5172


Booking of accommodation is the exhibitor’s own responsibility.
Art-Nordic recommends 3 hotels within 1 km of the Locomotive Workshop.
This means that you can park your car at the hotel and avoid parking problems at the Locomotive Workshop.

Tivoli Hotel & Congress Center

Arni Magnussons Gade 2

1577 København V

Tlf: +45 4487 0000



Scandic Sydhavnen

Sydhavns Plads 15

2450 København SV

Tlf: +45 8833 3666



Wakeup Copenhagen

Carsten Nieburhs Gade 11

1577 København V

Tlf: +45 4480 0000



We look forward to seeing you

27. – 29. march 2020
in Lokomotivværkstedet in Copenhagen
Otto Busses Vej 5A, 2450 København SV

Opening hours
Friday 27. march from 14-19
Saturday 28. march from 10-17
Sunday 29. march from 10-17