Jess Boldt

Urban and moderne art in touch with her country's roots

Jess was born in Nebraska in 1980, and grew up on a farm until she turned 8 when her father then joined the military and they moved overseas.

In 7th grade she won the European Scholastic gold key award.

Jess did the Milan Art Mastery program online in 2019-2020.

Jess had her art on display in Los Angeles when it was selected in the top 20 for the ArtxFreedom contest.

Starting in January she did a 100 day challenge where she created everyday for 100 days and posted articles for awareness on human trafficking.

Jess participated in the EuropArtFair in Amsterdam in July 2021.

Jess likes to describe her artwork as urban and modern but still adding touches from her country roots with vintage colors and collage.

She is building up her mural portfolio and plans on being a full time traveling mural artist.