Mari Poller


All works will be framed Statement I see my works of being fragments of a larger universe that could unfold infinitely in any direction. These worlds reveal themselves to me in a largely improvisatory process where I search for forms and textures through independent elements like lines. The communication between these elements reveal textures, layers, grids, forms, and patterns in a way that I can not calculate at the beginning of a work. They not only stretch beyond the borders of the piece, but also in depth. Often I am researching and questioning what lies behind these layers. It is not invisible, only vague and blurry, patterns on top of patterns, or artefacts of memory. My work has its roots in the visual world of Archeology, as well as my interest in serialism, stratigraphy, minimalism and the poetry of patterns. Archeology is a way to document and describe the world?s past. The layers in my work are not fixed in natural history, but develop independently using their own logic and systems. While I may free them from the rules of science, my work is still tied to an internal structure.