Michael Foss

My universe is open, no rules, no limit.

All of my works are sustainable.
My abstract pieces are made with the left over colors from a figurative piece. In that way there is no waste.
The creation of an abstract piece is a conversation between me and the canvas with the colors as language.
My figurative pieces are also conversations but with me doing most of the talking.
Iv’e never wanted to express social realism or things of a political nature.
Nor do I have an urge to paint natural or realistic scenes.
I create my idea which comes from a mood or feeling.
There are symbolic elements in my paintings.
The net in many of my pieces is what holds everything together, like gravity.
As soon as I add ground it becomes a world.
The small trees serve as a scale of size and also add the element of life.
There is a guitar in many of my pieces which, as being a guitarist, adds an element of myself.