Sujatha Kristensen


Sujatha Kristensen is a Swedish-Danish artist born in 1986, in Sri Lanka. While growing up, she lived with her family in Sweden and the U.A.E. Kristensen uses acrylic on canvas and is mainly self-taught. Her work is abstract, expressive and explorative in nature. Since starting to paint, she enjoys trying several styles and techniques, which for short periods, she finds herself in each of them, but curious to move on and try something new. She puts thought and feeling into every piece. Sometimes it flows by itself. Sometimes she has a thought-out concept that she wants to create an abstract feeling of. Other times she gets inspired by nature, or her surroundings such as furniture or images online. Though her artwork may look very different from one another, she has come to realise that her art importantly focuses on producing calmness and evoking curiosity to the viewer – being able to notice a new detail every time one visits the painting.