Agnese Kurzemniece

Art that evokes empathy, illuminates the core within us.

Through my art, I delve into the intricate connections between women’s archetypal roles and their bond with nature. By portraying women in various states of integration with their homes, I reveal how external forces profoundly shape our inner worlds.

Through the prism of globalization, wars, migration, pandemics, and personal challenges, I aim to depict the rich dimensions of these themes. Art, to me is a meditative form of communication. As an introverted artist, I express myself through visual language, offering glimpses into the unspoken depths of emotions, thoughts, and experiences.

I strive to evoke empathy and understanding by exploring the intersection of global events and personal stories. Through symbolism, surreal elements, and deliberate composition, I create visual narratives that blur reality and imagination. By playing with statics and dynamics, bold contrasts, and the integration of private and public spheres, I aim to illuminate the resilient spirit that resides within each of us. In my art, life is depicted as an ongoing process, where beauty emerges from our shared humanity.


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