Ahmad Mallah

Multidisciplinair artist, Amsterdam based.

Standplads: 062


+3 16 11 24 7097





About the Artist

Ahmad Mallah[1990], is Palestinian artist, born and raised in Damascus,Syria. Ahmad fled the war in Syria in 2014, and arrived to the Netherlands as a refugee after 100 days on the road.

Shortly after that he started his bachelor program in Fine Arts at the art school AKV|St. Joost in Breda.

He wanted to document his personal and political experiences through art and language.

His past is the inspiration behind his work. Ahmad has started capturing his stories in different art forms.

He observed his fears, his sorrow, his frustrations by painting and portraying. His abstract portraits have a directness of intense emotions and melancholic expressions.

His human creations are attached to the pain, suffer, misery and fear. His creations have no gender or race, they are pure intense emotions with deep psychologies.

Ahmad is fascinated by human behaviours, feelings and face expressions that can morph from immense beauty into utter despair.

His line drawings and ink portraits have sharp and powerful contrast, each line has a purpose, each line archives moments of lived experiences.

Ahmad graduated in 2020 with a short documentary “Stateless”, and he continues to experiment with new media and discover new methods and forms of working.