Anastasiia Lodde

Art That Touches One’s Heart

Who are we really?

My diverse experiences and exposure to different cultures have given me a unique perspective on the complex relationship of a person with himself. My art serves as a medium to explore and contemplate this relationship, inviting viewers to consider and reflect on their experiences and connection to the fast-changing world.

My latest works have explored the importance of being present and being happy. By capturing the essence of these concepts through my art, I aim to stimulate conversations and thoughts on these important issues.

The painting series “Living in Color” tells a story of chasing happiness through understanding true values. In addition, they emphasize the significance of diversity, individuality, and the pursuit of one’s goals. With contrasting colours, intricate patterns, and playful elements such as bicycles, the paintings create a sense of movement and invite viewers to self-discovery.

Each piece of art is a personal reflection inspired by my experience living in Denmark. Through my art, I encourage conversations and inspire others to appreciate the present moment and use positive memories to overcome life’s barriers.


Din bestilling