Andrea Friederichs-du Maire

'Everytime I look inside myself I find a world of wonder.'
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About the Artist

Andrea Friederichs-du Maire creates colorful Photo Collages with herself in focus.

With a pedagogik background and a great interest in the psychological development of human identity and personality she travels into her own subconscious mind to learn more about her inner world.
The central question is always the one for the actual emotion, feeling and being in this concrete moment. All these things are floating material in process.
Since her childhood she loves stories, fairytales and dreams. She is fascinated by surreal ideas and an imagination which opens so many possibilities for a different reality. Perspectives, colors, proportions are melting together to a very personal illusion of truth which is more a question than an answer.

She invites the viewer to dive in to find there also a piece of himself. She wants to encourage people to reflect.
’Every time I visit myself I find a wonderworld insight me. All the dark, the light, all the crazy thoughts and feelings are allowed to be there. I listen to them and then I tell their story. It makes me very peaceful with myself and the world around me.’ (A. FdM)

Andrea Friederichs-du Maire is a self-taught photo artist living with her family in Hamburg, Germany.