Anne Pilgrim

From Macrocosmos to Microcosmos, to angels and shape-shifters.

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About the Artist

Anne Pilgrim’s art bears witness to her passionate devotion to the expression of that which is beneath the surface, not obvious to all, and certainly not obvious all at once. In her art you will find divinity and detail, playfulness and wondrous elements.

I really don’t know who or where I’d be without art. It is the air I breathe and the passion and joy and meaning of my life.

When I do art, it is not the “I” that is key, rather it is what comes through that “I”. The expression of the All That Is or Ever Was or Will Be that comes through me is entirely unique and can only be seen on my canvases, in my drawings. So, in my world, there is no competition, as nobody else can “do an Anne Pilgrim”, just as no one can “do a Picasso” with any semblance of authenticity.

There are lots of artists who do fantastic renderings of the outer world. That is not my path. I walk the path of bringing the inner world for you to see, to peruse, to become aware of. When I paint, I am mirroring you to you. That is why I have “Rediscovering you” on my visiting cards. When you look at my art, you are brought along on a journey from here to here within yourself, seeing the wonder of our very existence in its every detail.

They say that intuition is the highest intelligence – for me this is so. If you had asked me to paint one of my paintings beforehand, the result would be contrived. But when I give myself over to the force, the rush, the pull and the push, the huff and the puff and the every whim of my intuition, then there is no knowing beforehand what will come out, what colour scheme will be used, or if it will be the same scheme in the end as it was in the beginning.

I work in the unknown, and my favourite phrase when I paint nowadays is “Why not?”, and I go there. I just go where I am led and allow myself to be bedazzled by what comes forth. So much fun, so much ease, so much joy in the process. And all in service to the healing propensities that exist in art that is produced in this way.

Look at my art and dare to follow the flow and go where it takes you. Just go for the ride. Skip thinking about matching sofas or carpets, think rather about what the piece does for you, where you are transported, how you feel. Some pieces may grab you, others won’t. Some colours will transfer you to places you hadn’t even dreamed of, others may repel you, and all of that is ok. That’s what art is all about.

I remember, when I was young, I liked listening to sad music if I felt sad, and then I’d feel better afterwards. At one point in my career, way back when, I tried painting sad paintings to free myself (and others) from sadness, but it wouldn’t work. Any attempt to try to contain my art in some isolated “artism” brought me to a grinding halt.

I far prefer transforming what seems to be chaos into order, much the way you see magnets moving bits of metal into beautiful patterns. It is in the actual process that the sadness, or whatever so-called negative emotion there may be, becomes transformed, healed, and both I and any viewer has the possibility of becoming transformed as well.

Should you choose to buy a piece, let it live free. It will vibrate and spread its energy happily to you and your home.

Thank you for spending time with my art and this text. If you feel moved by it, be sure there is something on the path to healing within you. Rediscovering you.

A quick timeline:

1963          My earliest memories of me constantly drawing, colouring

1968-70        Attended art classes for Marjorie Broodhagen in Guyana

1971-73        Did Art at ‘O’-level in Jamaica

1973-75        Studied Art at ‘A’-level, skipping some classes to be in the art room

Was accepted to Jamaica School of Art and Jamaica School of Music. Chose music then because I figured you can do art any time, but music (classical guitar) demands agile fingers… and there was a boy there that I liked…

1977          Fled Jamaica for my mother’s homeland, Sweden – got nowhere applying to art school (only the very best was good enough for me, but I wasn’t known, or good enough for them – today I’m glad I wasn’t accepted). Tried keeping up my drawing but found my art to be lacking expression and dropped it. Focus on new language, people, customs, getting work, relationship, children (3)…

1993              A friend nagged at me to start classes with Curt Källman. Really didn’t want to go but finally did a six-day course. Did every available course after that. Curt came to our town, Norrtälje, regularly.

1996          Began calling myself an artist and became a teacher of Curt Källman’s method: Vedic Art. Began exhibiting. And teaching Vedic Art. Yearly summer art school with Curt at southern Öland.

2006              Took a break from exhibiting. Found it tiring.

2013              Became a teacher of Zentangle (CZT) after attending a course in Princeton, RI.

2017              Invited to participate in an exhibition honouring Curt Källman, who had died in 2010. The aim was to show the diversity in the art of those schooled in Vedic Art. As a result, was offered the opportunity by Svenska Konstgalleriet to exhibit in several major cities.

2018              Art Expo, New York; Artistes du Monde, Cannes; Art Shopping, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris; International Contemporary Art Fair Luxexpo The Box, Luxemburg with Svenska Konstgalleriet

2019              International Contemporary Art Fair Luxexpo The Box, Luxemburg with Svenska Konstgalleriet

And now, 2022 ArtNordic, Copenhagen – this time: solo.