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We offer a wide variety of colorful, original and unique art from around the world in our gallery.
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About the Artist

Some of our artists:

– Van Apple 

Diederik van Apple is born and raised in Leiden, Netherlands in 1985. In his childhood he always visualized the bigger picture. There was no line between fantasy and reality. He was addicted to Walt Disney books and legendary movies such as The Godfather, Scarface, Pulp Fiction and Boondock Saints. He loved watching, reading and fully go up in the stories, as if he ways part of the play himself. In 2003 he started his Law study but after two years he found out that he couldn’t express his creativity in this study and decided to stop. In 2005 he started as an Art Representative in an Art Gallery in Amsterdam. During those years he travelled around the world participating Exhibitions and Art Fairs for the Art Gallery and found his passion.

-Sabrina Ferrari 

Sabrina Ferrari was born in 1970 in Verona where she currently lives and works. Having received her diploma from the senior arts school, she continued her studies in the “Cignaroli” art college, Verona, from which she graduated in sculpture in 1993; on the occasion of the group show of students’ work she was awarded the Fonderia prize. She continued her training in the “Brenzoni” institute’s marble-sculpture school in Sant’Ambrogio di Valpolicella, Verona. Having finished her studies, she began her bronze-foundry work by collaborating with well-known artists from Italy and abroad; she also taught sculpture in the art school in Verona. Take part with success to competitions and exhibitions in Italy and abroad. She is part of Società Belle Arti di Verona and Fondazione Verona per l’Arena. Since 2004 he dedicated exclusively to his works and began his most important exhibitions in Italy, Europe, the United States, Australia and Asia.

Guy Olivier

There is a certain greatness in Guy Olivier’s visual work, in the theme but also in the gesture. Baroque lines bring dynamism to their dance without hesitation. They crawl, hop and waltz on what looks like a memory of festive days. The word “memory” strikes a haze that seems to hang over the images that makes the tangibility of “moments” less concrete. The result is a bit of abstraction, which is all the more exciting to the eye. The coquettish ladies and Burgundian evenings do not even need to be depicted, but the viewer quickly visualizes them. Caressing pout lips easily seduce the viewer. They refer to a classic feminine beauty, not just of the woman herself, but of the feminine aspect of everything in life. Guy Olivier embraces the curls, the round shapes, the exuberance, the adjectives and gives them a contemporary look. With a serious culinary background and with Maastricht as his hometown, that is not far-fetched.

Yulia Muravyeva

It was a big surprise for Yulia’s parents that their daughter had a talent for drawing and painting. She was born in Russia and since early childhood, the mixture of colors in particular has fascinated her. She has studied to be a drawing teacher (classical art) at the university. In 2000, Yulia began restoring and painting icons. Later she also did murals. Her work has since come ever closer to modern art and more distantly to classical art. Yulia today uses happy colors and wants to give people a positive feeling and energy with her paintings. In some works, however, one can see fragments of the classical. Her favorite motif is to paint meadows in a colorful fireworks display, she now lives and works from Amsterdam and is a great success all over the world.

Hans Söderberg

Hans Söderberg was born in 1957, has lived on Hönö for more than 20 years and is an artist with multifaceted creativity. Through his alternation between painting, photographic art, sculpture and design, he has brought together different areas in the art world. He sees potential in a variety of materials, ranging from cloth rags to flattened cola jars, as the charm is emphasized in relation to other art materials, including acrylic paint. This results in an exciting combination that is considered innovative in an art context. In addition, in situations where he engages in painting, the aluminum plate plays a central role. It works well as a foundation, says Söderberg because it can withstand his “mostly fast and violent handling of paint and surfaces”. Hans is well known in interior design circles where he has a prominent role as an industrial designer. His most famous creation is Nookies which has made a big impression in the world.

Dan Holmqvist

Dan Holmqvist was born in 1953, a photographer and well-established artist. The experimental creation takes place in an old fisherman’s cottage on the outskirts of the Gothenburg archipelago. A combination of photography and artistic ideas, the works of art are created based on model images, such as those he took during his fifty-year period as a fashion photographer. It is through the use of digital means and acrylic paint that the images are produced in an innovative and modern way that arouses interest and curiosity. In any case, that is the goal, says Holmqvist. Through his art, he wants to emotionally touch the spectator. “A work of art should engage, it should capture interest and it should touch, create and convey a feeling. Not necessarily an understanding, but it should arouse curiosity.

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