Baiba Rēdere

Journey into the living Cosmos: Abstract Art that inspires

“I paint because a part of my soul exists only in that way. It is like meditation, where I approach the deeper layers of the soul, intuitively striving to reveal what cannot be depicted. Like an alchemical process that compels the search for gold but essentially transforms the soul. Painting, for me, means celebrating existence, simple self-expression!

My art speaks intuitively; I don’t dictate what to think and feel. The language of my art stimulates visual thinking, connecting the viewer with their heart, enabling them to delve into a multi-layered world of images and feelings, experiencing their own inner journey.

A visitor to one of my exhibitions once wrote in the guestbook: “I entered the exhibition, and a miracle happened to me! Something vibrated; I caught the thread of my feelings and thoughts. Your works have so many layers that they can shake, charge, fulfill…”

And another one: “In your works, there is expansiveness in space, color, significance, and therefore unity. Everything is not finished yet; everything is still being created. We are in the midst of it all, and there is an opportunity to draw in more, more, and more… and to be more…”

The fact that my paintings resonate with people gives me the greatest inspiration to continue doing it! Recently, cosmic motifs have dominated my works. The relationships between humans and the Universe.

I work in oil and mixed media on canvas. I like large formats. Incompleteness. “Infinity always looks unfinished…”Freedom and detachment from the known urge me to embark on ever-new quests. To breathe and to be!”


2006-2008 – Master’s degree in multimedia painting at the Art Academy of Latvia;

2001-2005 – Bachelor’s degree at the Department of Textile Art at the Art Academy of Latvia.

I have organized many solo exhibitions in Latvia. I participate in group exhibitions in the USA and Belgium. My works are in private collections in the

USA, Norway, Germany, Spain, New Zealand, Estonia, and Latvia etc.


Din bestilling

Baiba Rēdere