Corinna Didjurgeit

Artist & Dancer - large scale drawings

Hello everyone,

my name is Corinna. Besides my passion to create art, I am also a dancer. My dance is a starting point of the creative process that brings the artwork to life.

For many years I have been studying with the traditions of the indigenous people of North and South America, learning about the deep connection with the earth and the cosmos. A few years ago, I began dancing in nature. To find a deeper sense of belonging and feel more at home. Starting in Berlin, my living place, the journey then led me for 4 years to dance in ancient landscapes and water places around the globe.

In a deep listening process, I consciously connect with the first memory of the place where I dance. Through this, I merge with its original rhythms and sounds, and my body is set into motion. I do the same with the waters. I later put these experiences on paper in my studio. Colors, shapes and dynamics find their place on the large scale paper. Many works were created at the Baltic Sea in Denmark and Germany. My abstract drawings, made mainly with pastels and choral and carry this journey of my dance.

Deep listening is a widely common way of connecting with the spiritual meaning of life, found in almost all indigenous traditions.

Each landscape and water can remind us of ourselves in this process. In it we can experience our own deep connection and remembrance of the earth we live on. In this dance and artistic process, I began to feel more at home again and to develop a deep sense of belonging on our Earth.

In addition to my artistic work, I teach young people from about 16 to 28 years in dance and art to strengthen them on their way and in their becoming. Thereby I let them experience the deep connections of nature. To become again a creative guardian of this earth.



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