David Vera

...discovering your vocation

Standplads: V36



About the Artist

All human beings are genetically granted the ability of development in many ways by the God/nature.
Even though people do not develop it. Can you imagine what the world would be like if each individual
should use own abilities? The human mind must be directed towards this. Person is considered as
happy and successful, who will use the ability granted by nature. I have a friend, a surgeon, working on
cancer, once I told him, how happy you are, to have lots of grateful people you have saved and he
replied: I can do only this, God gave me this opportunity and I should do it. I was kindly jealous of my
friend’s response. When in adulthood you look back on your past life and see that you could not use the
talents and abilities that God has given you as an individual, it is a great regret and I think – a tragedy

I am an architect by profession.I started painting in adulthood too, even though I always felt I had a talent for it.

My drawings do not have a name, I just number them. I do not want to limit the viewer, to force upon
something specific, everyone is free to perceive the picture, look and feel as you want.

Best regards, David Vera (kutateladze)