Elizabeth Alice Andersen

Geometric shapes, colourful dots and lively brushstrokes. Welcome to my abstract universe.
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About the Artist

After a long career in IT – with a break to design a collection of organic home textiles – I turned what before was a hobby into a full-time activity – simply because it makes me so happy and the time was right to do so. Both my head and my heart yearned for a different kind of working life.

My paintings are essentially an abstract interpretation of my thoughts and emotions. When I stand in front of a blank canvas, the only things I have decided on is the abstract style I want to work with and the colours I want to use. Everything else comes intuitively and spontaneously. I’m not a quick painter, but I’m fine with that. I do a lot of standing back looking at the canvas and reflecting over what I see. Sometimes I leave it for a few days or longer if I feel I’ve got stuck. I know a painting is finished when it feels like the invisible umbilical cord between the canvas and myself has been cut and there’s no more that I can do.

Geometric abstraction, dots and abstract expressionism are the three abstract styles that I enjoy working with. Variation is the key. I’m not interested in repeating myself. The first two styles require a lot of concentration, patience and precision, whilst the latter enables me to throw caution to the wind. Colour plays a major role for me in all three styles.

Although my paintings each mean something special to me and I know exactly what I was thinking about or feeling when I painted them, I prefer not to say too much about that and to let others interpret them in their own way.