Eva Leopoldi – Leopoldi-Art.repeated.different.

Leopoldi creates narrative art by using artistic photography and subsequent digital processing.
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About the Artist

Narrative art with the help of artistic photography with subsequent digital processing is the artist’s focus, as is artistic project work again and again.

Eva Leopoldi wants to tell NEW THINGS, create NEW stories, and since there is a restriction in the activity of photography – only “photographable things” can be taken – she then digitally reworks her works or develops stagings. She playfully develops new truths – hence her self-chosen name #artifexludens. It is not the world in front of the camera lens that is real, but the resulting photographic work that is real – but simply ONE reality among MANY other realities.

Leopoldi devotes herself to project work with the same passion, e.g. the art project #12malanders. The focus here was on 12 extraordinary professions and personalities, which were presented and artistically portrayed by means of photography, painting and literature.
Also important to her was the project #IAmJustAHuman. This exhibition concept arose from her desire to “take a stand” against any kind of exclusion, degradation, unequal treatment and human rights violations in our society that have arisen due to “xenophobia”.
But sometimes she just wants to have fun, and so in 2016 she initiated and organised the Dadaist-inspired theatre evening #MachMaKunst in Ingolstadt’s Altstadt Theatre.

The artist lives and works in the Lower Bavarian Tuscany near Passau. Since 2000, she has presented her art nationally and internationally in France, Austria and Switzerland.
She is very much looking forward to getting to know a new country and many interesting people in Copenhagen this year and telling her stories there – because in visual art language differences don’t exist.