Eva Poulopoulou

- From observation to storytelling and back, my art is a visceral reaction to the world -
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Standplads: V118


00 31 63 10 77068


About the Artist

Drawing from psychology, mythology and philosophy, my work is centered around the human being and the way it relates to the world. My art is instinctive, spontaneous, and explorative, based on observation and personal experience. My purpose is to communicate subtly, creating deep-rooted imagery that engages with the viewer on a subconscious level. I take a special interest in portraiture, looking to the exterior as a means to discover what lies within. My stories are filled with hidden autobiographical elements, a personal code that connects to the collective experience. The medium of choice is dependent on the underlying narrative. I often use printmaking and especially monotypes for their painterly quality. Most of my prints are therefore unique rather than clones, while a certain element of surprise is embedded in the final result.

Eva Poulopoulou is an artist and architect with a background in 3D animation. For a significant part of her projects, she relies heavily on computer-aided design and digital image. The work shown here represents a shift in her art, a return to the origins. Currently, she is focusing on the exploration of printmaking techniques and painting, following the need to create her own tangible post-digital universe.