Francisca do Nascimento Ohlsen

Women from my Homeland

Art reflect my fascination for the colors and forms found in dayly scenes. It is a creation of an atmosphere that immerses the viewer in the scenarios and takes them on a journey into a special world.

Inspiration comes from encounters with people, landscapes, and scenes of daily life. The serie “Mulheres da minha terra” (Women from my Homeland ) is aexample of this. In these motifs, I found a deep connection to my homeland, to the people, our stories, and our culture. That allows me to immerse myself in a different world where time seems to stand still. It also enables me to capture the beauty of the ordinary and convey the atmosphere and moods of these scenes. Through painting, I aim to give viewers insight into the lives and emotions of these women, highlighting their strength, dreams, and dignity.

In my artwork, I strive to capture the emotions, memories, and experiences of those women. It is the small everyday moments that come alive in my art.



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