Hannelore Rap

Standplads: 175

About the Artist


Born in Hamburg 1961/living in Sweden


I have been working with photographs and installations for 30 years now.

I started as an analogue picturemaker in the darkroom what later on went to the digital arena.

My intentions are to document workingplaces, my homearea etc

to celebrate the weekday and the magic when you see

an ordinary thing in a new perspective.




Documentation of everyday in the life of people working in the

field of theatre/Stockholm and Malmoe/also shown in Austria


The Hall Of Fame/a group exhibition with Swedish and dutch photographers showned in Vlaardingen andVlissingen/ Netherlands, Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmoe.

This exhibition gave me a place with an Artbox at the Stejdeliik museum, Amsterdam


AGE/ a groupexhibition showned in various Art galleries/museums over the whole of Sweden. This work where performed by the group Female photographers in Skandinavia


Some of the installations:

The Waterway/an installation in a river at Trollenäs castle

The Airway/an installation at Landskrona watertower

The Earthway/an installation in a newplowed field



Teaching analogue and digital photography at vocational highschool/college

In black/white as well as colorcopying in the darkroom and

at the computer, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premiére (video editing)