Jana Kaminsky

I am happy to take part in such a large art event as the Art Nordic exhibition

Standplads: 044


+3 71 28 26 2753


About the Artist

Graduated from the British School of Design
Faculty – Illustration and Contemporary Art.
I have participated in collective exhibitions and am the winner of several contemporary painting competitions.
My paintings are kept in private collections in Europe and the USA. Representatives of business, cultural elite and show business are my customers and fans of my work.
I work in several techniques: expressive realism and my own style, which I call Graffiti Glam.
My art consists in turning thoughts and impressions into a color and graphic essence. The goal is to get a picture full of lines and light of the highest beauty.
I design books and music albums. I am engaged in fashion photography.
I am currently working on a performance / show
The project is called “To the Death of Glamour.”