Janine Seelen

Painting the ordinary surrounded by space
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Standplads: 102


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About the Artist

Stills and scenes, captured in gloaming light, reproduced on large paper and canvases come to life through multi-layered manual work. Photographs are being transformed into oil stick and soft pastels on paper, become structured, tangible and transport the space around the image in a breathtaking intensity.

Like smells and sounds, space encapsulates a feeling, a memory – non-graspable, impossible to name, but familiar. Through the enlarged dimensions the viewer gets to fully immerse themselves into this undiscovered familiarity.

The awareness of this space is again reinforced through the heightened suspense of morning hours and twilight in which Seelen precisely conceptualizes her motifs.

With the outbreak of the Corona virus at the end of 2019 Janine Seelen began to transfer her sketches of various series into large formats for a first exhibition THE SAFE HOUSE in 2021.

Janine Seelen, born 1965, has a 30 year background as an award winning graphic designer with a strong believe that communication between art and its viewer or listener can create a strong bond due to the exchange of energy which speaks out in her unique compositions.

Janine will show new works of The Bunker series which she produces exclusively for the ArtNordic. She will also present works from the series Friesland and Jonathan’s House.

Stand No. 102