Kasia Capello | Abstract Art

Art is about FREEDOM of being

Kasia’s Capello art is about storytelling, daily performance and ridiculousness of the expectations for modern human.

Concepts of life, status, success are described in her work and constantly exercise, in a way where the reconnection with yourself become the main goal. Kasia focuses in her work on the idea of freedom, and that everybody has a different description of this concept.

She wants to create space, where viewer will be encouraged to go deeper. Unconscious decisions based on expectations and outer pressure lead to the disconnection with our own bodies, minds and people we love. Kasia is constantly seeking to create the space where this connection is undisturbed. Abstraction is for Kasia the best resource to define the balance in any given moment, best source for entertainment and finding inner voice.

It is a philosophy where you increase the volume of your inner radio station. Deconstruction of oppressing  motives and  concepts gives her constant inspiration to create intensive moments in her abstract pieces .

She constantly examines her skills, embrace beginners state and it’s pureness and devotion in creating. Kasia likes to use normal objects to paint with, because she believes that there is no point to separate the the art world and daily life. Kasia does her best, to erase this imaginative border which pin point what belongs where. In her work she tries to exercise the rules and opinions. Duality of the society makes her create art which is full of contradictions, questions and diversity.

Her love for imperfections, makes her create art where those can be in the main light, celebrated and seen as a normal part of life.

Love letters, notes for herself, messages for the world are part of her creation. Look for them in her artwork.


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