Kelly Jang

Still, still life

I was born in Seoul, Korea, and live and work in Amsterdam. When I graduated Ph.D. program at Hongik University Seoul, I restarted my artistic carrier in the Netherlands and Germany; since I wrote the thesis, I became more interested in the context of oriental painting, and I thought that I would like to further expand my artistic activities in terms of humanities and philosophy in Europe. Significantly I am interested in how language or literature is expressed in images. The depth of the language is not simply the language itself but also connected to the social and political context, so I feel that I and my work are changing as I use a language different from my mother tongue. The current me is interested in the process, and ‘language,’ connected to the specificity of the place and time I have always wanted to express, has always been the subject of my work.

Collections include the Municipality of Haarlemmermeer(City hall) in the Netherlands, Kunsthaus Germany, and IGA Works in Seoul, Korea.

Higher Education Studies Ph.D. in the Department of Science of Fine Art at Graduate School of Hongik University, Korea Date of Graduation Feb 22, 2013
A Master ́s Thesis 「A study on the painting of Peach Blossom Land」
A Doctor ́s Thesis 「Expression of the Peach Blossom Spring as the Paradise of Life」


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Kelly Jang