Rose Bendixen

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About the Artist
My name is Rose – artistname vis_dum – I’m 22, and I live on Amager in Copenhagen with my boyfriend, Khabar, and our cat, Elmer.
Long story short, my artistic practise is about welcoming transparancy. It’s an attempt to get rid of imposter syndrome and self loathing caused by unattainable beauty-, personality- and life quality standarts.

Combining words and silhouettes in (extra)ordinary surroundings, I make empathic micro-narratives portraying the thoughts and feelings we usually pretend not to have. By doing this, I hope to encourage others to push the boundaries of sincerity and find strength in vulnerability.

I have just returned from an artist residency at Berlin Art Institute, and now I’m hoping to get to study psychology at the end of the summer.
I have taken part in three group exhibitions, at Magenta Gallery, Basement Vesterbro (Culture VS Events) and in collaboration with Plakatcentralen – with whom I’m working on making selected paintings to high quality posters.
Alongside taking part in this year’s Art Nordic, I will be featured in the new edition of Art Monday Magazine, launching in fall 2022.