Rose Bendixen

Micronarratives about the hassle of being human

“I read somewhere that art is supposed to comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable, and that’s really what I’m attempting to do – in my own colorful and empathic way.”

Rose Bendixen (@visdum) is a Copenhagen based artist, born 2000. Though she has painted for most of her life, it is only in the past couple of years, she has really managed to unlock her internal box of ideas and started sharing her work with the world. She has recently finished an art residency at Berlin Art Institute and is now focusing on producing works for future exhibitions, hopefully leading towards her ultimate dream of creating large scale murals in the cityscape.

For her, painting is like outsourcing emotions. It creates an external safespace for complete transparancy, where all the things we usually don’t talk about, can exist freely and without judgement. To convey this, she uses bright colors, pearl embroidery, silhouettes and always an element of text.

“To me, it’s about creating a sort of micro-narrative in (extra)ordinary surroundings. The works are full of details, so you can revisit the image and still see something new – I don’t really work with minimalism, as you can probably tell. In my universe of controlled chaos the end goal is to find strength in vulnerability and encourage honesty instead of self-staging a sugarcoated existence.


Din bestilling

Rose Bendixen