Sergio Rubio Presa

Abstract sculpture with wood as protagonist

Sergio Rubio Presa is a Spanish sculptor, recently based in Denmark, who uses wood as his preferred raw material without ruling out the use of other materials. His technique combines traditional carving with contemporary procedures, thus implementing new ways of working the material.

Abstraction is the language he uses as a means of communication. His work combines organic forms, planes, voids, smooth transitions and sharp forms with harmony, all of them combined with other materials or polychromies to give expressiveness to each piece. His particular language is nourished by contrast and harmony in equal measure, always seeking delicacy in the finishes.

His sculptures are nourished by his own life experiences and synthesize the emotions and concerns that have accompanied him throughout his creative process, inspired by nature and everything that surrounds human existence. Any tangible or intangible stimulus is valid to enrich his distinctive universe.


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