Sujatha Kristensen

Geometrisk abstraktion & abstrakt havlandskab

One leg of my current artistic practice focuses on exploring one’s (my) inner parts through a diversity of geometric shapes and colours on the canvas. The other leg focuses on mixed media abstract seascapes with epoxy resin (a glass-like material) on wooden canvas panel, that have associations to places I’ve visited in the world.

In a short amount of years, my art has been exhibited in various galleries, hotels and international art fairs, around Europe and the U.A.E as well as in jury-selected exhibitions around Skåne, Sweden. My work has been bought by private collectors across Sweden and other places including Portimaõ, Copenhagen, Paris, Menton, Dubai and more.

I am an autodidact artist but I continuously undertake workshops and online art courses from other established professional artists to deepen my knowledge and skills.

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