Therèse Jobse

Her work reflects the victory of her traumatic past, translates into powerful color combinations.

Standplads: 016




About the Artist

Therèse Jobse (1972) grew up in a devout Christian family, in a small village on the coast Zeeland (NL). In 2017, she chose to deal once and for all with her vague childhood memories and traumatic past.
By writing down her memories, she was able to distance herself from her family and start building a positive interpretation of her life. The acceptance of her past caused her to start painting.

Through her exuberant colorful artworks, she tells how difficult it is to transform from damaged dependent child to confident adult.

Masterpieces: Her work reflects the recognition of her extroverted personality and her path to self-acceptance. Behind the vibrant robust color combinations, which characterize her energetic and positive attitude towards life, hides deeper layers of emotions, which unfold in the construction of different layers of paint. As soon as the viewer get lost in her work, the struggle with her life reveals.
She paints with her hands ánd her whole body while using brushes and palette knives. And above all that what’s available in nature.

The only instruments to communicate in an effective way with her world, are her canvases and her paint! For her this results in a balanced and meaningful life.