Bodies placed on Faces that Colorfull Hands have found in a Tastefull Environment. Tio Stand 007

Standplads: 007


About the Artist

Hi I’m Tio,

I’m a Belgian painter starting my way into this large and diverse world of exhibition.
I have been drawing, sculpting wood, making pastel works and paintings for the last 4 years and I am now coming to Copenhagen to open my artistic world to the greater public. I paint utilizing my chemistry studies, allowing the worlds of arts and science to communicate with each other in my everyday life. I learn from what I study, digest and process when I paint. Through chemistry and other science-related courses, I have had the chance to observe the fascinating microscopic structures of life. While drawing, I am therefore in search of my own organic structure, and using pastels teaches me my colour and stylistic preference. Painting is where I bring both of these skills and take the time to reflect upon what is deep inside of me. I enter the void, and there the subject comes. Like a flower ready to bloom, an idea that had been hidden from me emerges in an orchestra of shapes and colours.

I am very happy to discuss my work with all of you. I want to know who you are and what makes you see certain patterns, stories, or faces within my work. I find this discourse important as I continue to learn about myself. Through dialogue I can learn about others and, subsequently, what life is composed of. I take a lot of pleasure in listening to others journeys through life as I am deeply interrested in how people live and feel, as I cannot learn this from anyone other than them. The only way to meet, is to be confronted.

If you reflect on the large pieces that I propose, two figures are commonly seen in the composition. Perhaps it shows two characters, one character confronted to an object, or a character confronted to himself. I have come to observe that my paintings often are composed of this duality of subject. I believe it may be due to the fact that humans cannot live without each other. In these times of crisis, this human traits come out, and I therefore want to reveal this trait, play with it, and examine it from all angles possible.