Yoshio nakajima

YOSHIO NAKAJIMA met Asger Jorn 1964,Jörgen Nash ,Jens Jörgen Thorsén,tom kröyer

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About the Artist

Yoshio nakajima was born in japan 1940 and his early age he was decided to become a artist and made his solo exhibition when he was 15 years old .after he hichihaked from japan to Europe 1964 and study at Royal akademy in Rotterdam and Antwerpen.1964 he met Asger Jorn several time in Amsterdam and told many time to go to Scandinavia and meet his brother jörgen Nash .1965 december he move to Copenhagen and later he came in to valand konst högskolan in Göteborg in Sweden.He become also membrer of international bauhouse situanist and Drakabygget.Yoshio was several time made group show with jörgen Nash ,Lis zwick ,tom kröyer,jen jörgen thorsen and other many Danish artist too.Today he work international and he have several collection at museum  and public places in the world ,in Denmark he have collection in Århus museum,Aalborg museum city,Odense,svendborg ,Copenhagen ,horsens ,and other.yoshio is also working with gallery birch Copenhagen and gallery Syd falter ,svendborg ,Odense,Aarhus ,horsens ,Aalborg in Denmark .yoshios biggest collector is in japan university,they have like 5 university in japan and Vietnam and all floor and room is by yoshio nakajima work .started to collected year 2000 and they have collected from young age from today and it’s a like a yoshio nakajima museum .yoshio nakajima collectors in the world love his work because you get so happy to see the work everyday and his work is about ,after long winter in Scandinavia and happy spring to summer title .it’s about Scandinavia ecologicall life story.This year big exhibition will be at dunkers kulturhus in Helsingborg in Sweden in October.800m2 big hall.It will also be printing a book in England and Sweden too.www.yoshionakajima.net