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Northern Europe’s largest art exhibition

As an exhibitor at Art Nordic, you‘ll become a part of Scandinavia’s largest sales and art fair. With more than 79.000 visitors over the past 6 years, the fair forms the ideal place and
exhibition space for both starters as well as established artists. This is the perfect opportunity to expose your art to a broad and art-interested audience.  All sales at the fair accrue to yourself and the only thing you pay for with us is renting your
exhibition stand. The 230 exhibition stands are popular and sought-after and have in recent years been sold out several months before the show. Do therefore not hesitate to book your stand now.

✓ Over 79,000 guests over the past 6 years

✓ Guests from 30 nations

✓ Sold out every year

✓ Your entire revenue accrues to you

✓ Invite up to 70 guests for free

✓ Posibility of sharing stands

‘Art Nordic’ much more than ‘just’ a big art fair..

Since I qualified to exhibit at ‘Art Nordic’ in 2016, I have become one of the recurring and dedicated exhibitors. The high visitor rate means that I have the opportunity to spread the message of my art to many new potential customers, as well as to give my already existing customers the opportunity to come and see my art close up – in addition to my studio / mini gallery in Værløse, 18 km. north of Copenhagen. The big stands and the good light mean that I, in addition to my art on canvas (hanging on walls), also have room for presenting larger works, such as my installations with dolls, vases on podiums etc., in a nice and professional way – without getting my stand too crowded. In addition, ‘Art Nordic’ is an eminent place for me to expand my network with other artists, art dealers and galleries, etc. – nationally and internationally. Networks that can open up for good relationships and opportunities for future collaborations.

Barbara Kaad Ostenfeld

Art-Nordic vibrates with international art!

I have had the pleasure of taking part in the Art-Nordic exhibitions in the centre of Copenhagen in the spring of 2017 and 2018. This is a very well organised art and sales Fair with artists from more than 20 nations taking part, which creates a very special international atmosphere! It was lovely to see the public streaming in and of course also nice to sell some works, which I did both times. Many good contacts were created both in business and friendship, so I can warmly recommend taking part in 2019, if at all possible. With kind regards!

Kirsten Høst