Prices & payment


Here you will find a price overview of the stands at Art Nordic.

If you have any questions about our stands, or would like to book a specific booth, you can contact us on phone +45 5189 5172, or write to us at

Standstørrelse Bredde/dybde Meter væg Pris DKK inkl. moms
Stand 6 m2
3 x 2 m
7 m
DKK 7.500
Stand 9 m2
3 x 3 m
9 m
DKK 9.900
Stand 12 m2
3 x 4 m
11 m
DKK 10.500
Stand 8 m2
4 x 2 m
8 m
DKK 8.800
Stand 12 m2
4 x 3 m
10 m
DKK 10.900
Stand 16 m2
4 x 4 m
12 m
DKK 12.500
Stand 10 m2
5 x 2 m
9 m
DKK 11.300
Stand 15 m2
5 x 3 m
11 m
DKK 13.500
Stand 20 m2
5 x 4 m
13 m
DKK 14.000
Stand 12 m2
6 x 2 m
10 m
DKK 11.800
Stand 16 m2
8 x 2 m
12 m
DKK 12.800
Gallerivæg (bredde x højde)
3 x 2,4 m
3 m
DKK 3.300
Podie 2 m2
1,15 x 2,35 m 45 cm høj
2 m2
DKK 3.200
Podie 4 m2
1,75 x 2,35 m 45 cm høj
4 m2
DKK 4.700

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When you register as an exhibitor at Art-Nordic 2020, Art Nordic need from each of you as exhibitors the following:

  • your full name
  • your gallery name if you use one
  • your full address, postal code, city and country
  • your telephone number and country code
  • Your email address
  • Your website address
  • Facebook and address of other social media you use

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Wait for an invoice from Art-Nordic before initiating payment.

If the desired stand is not available, we will offer you one nearby. If our offered stand is not acceptable to you, we will immediately cancel the purchase and you get your 
deposit back.

Payment must be made to:
Jyske Bank
Fændediget 1A, DK-4600 Køge, Denmark 5035 – Account no.: 0001491191

Payment from abroad:
IBAN: DK 1550350001491191

The above prices do not include extra supplies, and it is important to emphasize that a space attending the sales- and art exhibition cannot be transferred to another exhibitor unless preapproved in writing. Art-Nordic ApS reserves the right to make changes based on external factors.

When a sales- and exhibition space is rented, this is considered rental of advertising space. This appears from SKM2016.192.SR. This is why section 16, subsection (1) (undertaking) or section 16, subsection (4) (non-registered private individuals) shall apply. If the service for a registered company is the delivery point, where the buyer lives, the buyer must pay VAT via their own VAT accounts. Finally, if a service is sold to a non-registered company (private person), the exhibitor must add VAT on the invoice.