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Birgitte Ludvigsen- stand 198 at Art-Nordic 2018




Deadline for ordering accessories and changing of stands are Monday the 25th of March
Please use the order form or e-mail: laynet@art-nordic.dk
IF you have wishes with respect to changing your walls (and it is within our ability) do enclose a drawing you your wish.

Extra accessories. Use the list to order
Link to the order form

Installing your work at Art-Nordic 2019
Thursday 4th April from 5pm to 10 pm
Friday 5th April from 7am to 1.50 pm

Transport of art to art-nordic in Lokomotivvaerkstedet.
We have some ladders and lifting/transportation gear, at your disposal.

Parking for exhibitors during unloading and unloading
Parking is not free of charge at any time.
There are various places allocated throughout the parking lots where you may buy parking tickets when you arrive and BEFORE you unload your work, and then drive your car to gate 1 or gate 2, and unload your work to be displayed.

Exhibitor parking through out the exhibition period
We strongly advise you park within the allocated parking areas, or park in the allocated external parking spaces (against payment).

Removing your art
Sunday 7th April starting at 5pm to 10 pm
Monday 8th April from 8 am to 10 am

Not collected work shall otherwise be placed in the side building, and must be collected there. We take no responsibility for the not collected works!!!

Art work to be collected by freight company
All art must be packed and picked up between 8 am and 10 am Monday the 8th.
If not collected there is a penalty of EUR 300 per hour starting from 8th April 10 am (as the space has already been allocated the next event)
For further information do call: +45 5189 5172 Boi Wynsch.

Online catalogue/artist list. Where to look and where to find the list of exhibitors besides all information on the exhibiting exhibitors
Link to online exhibitor information

The catalogues stays for 5 years, why you may update your www page, and other social media data as you see fit at all times.
Each guest invited receive at the entrance when attending Art-Nordic a complete and updated list of exhibitors besides a map where to find each exhibitor.

Free access to all invited guests by exhibitors – you have 70 double entry tickets as exhibitors
Has been forwarded you at this time or shall be with you with the coming few days.
To be forwarded by e-mail by you and to be used for the 3 days at no charge for repeat visits.
You have 70 adult admissions to be handed out to whom you wish to invite to Art-Nordic and free access is granted for 2 adults each.

REMEMBER – FILL OUT THE FORM ON YOUR INVITATIONS BEFORE YOU pass invitations used by you and be sure your invitations shares who you are.
In order to leave all you invited with details how to find you and your art at Lokomotivværkstedet.

Logo for promotion
You may use, as you se fit, in order to help promote yourself and Art-Nordic. We advise you the promotion on facebook, Instagram and on e-mails , posters etc. etc

Team Art-Nordic – contact
Organizer: Laynet Wynsch: laynet@art-nordic.dk
Organizer: Bo Wynsch: info@art-nordic.dk
IT/WEB: Kim Rechenberger: kim@itreklame.dk

Chairs and LED light spots, further electricity – for your exhibition space

  • Each space is “born” with one chair. More can be rented. Go to reception and we process your order. You may of course bring your own chairs
  • Each space is “born” with sports. Typical with 7 sports installed. For more spots go to reception and order further spots, against payment
  • The sports suppled – we trust – are sufficient as we see it.
  • Lokomotivvaerkstedet is a very light place, admitting much light due to daylight
  • Electricity and plugs. You may rent electrical outlets per 1.000 watt for use throughout tie Art-Nordic sales- and art exhibition

Link to the order form

Space wall specifications
Size of panels: 100 cm wide and 250 cm high
Each panel is 1.6cm (16mm) thick
All panels are white.

Color (dark or light?) do not end up risking disappointing a customer.
Paintings change character/color at home.
Remember dark paintings need more light – remember and maybe share it with your customer.
Maybe do not use too much light as you may over expose what you are about to sell (and “home”) and not lid up as during an art-exhibition.

Hooks to hang your paintings from. No holes allowed in the walls or you risk being charged for the damage due to holes.
We advise bring along your own or you may buy your hooks at IKEA as it cost much more to buy from Art-Nordic. And you can use the hooks again and again in the future
If hooks are from Art-Nordic we have a deadline for ordering – it is monday the 25th of March
Link to the order form


We advise you price tag your art.
Make your space better looking by using the same tags throughout the sales- and art exhibition.
Do not use white but use off white. We trust sharp white often stands out as gray/dirty on the white wall panels.
All tags on art we advise ought to be identical with each artist.

We advise you use titles on your art.


Loading and unloading
Entrance gate 1

General advise
Make a statement by having your exhibition space look professional and not untidy
Not too many works of art and not too much art standing om the floor as it makes it difficult for customers to see the works properly.

Alternative Parking areas within one kilometer from Lokomotivværkstedet in Copenhagen)

Otto Busses Vej 5A
2450 Copenhagen SV

Fisketorvets Parking house
Kalvebod Brygge 59
1561 Copenhagen V

Hotel Tivoli (if space is available or if you have booked room at Hotel Tivoli)
Arni Magnussens Gade 2
1577 Copenhagen V
Phone: +45 4487 0000

Scandic Hotel (if space is available or if you have booked room at Scandic Hotel))
Sydhavns Plads 15
2450 Copenhagen SV
Phone: +45 8833 3666

General advise
Keep your space professional and not untidy.
Leave little standing on the floor . It makes it hard for potential buyers to find their way
Keep your supplementary art somewhere close by an resupply when time allows.

Anyone buying may at all times take the art and leave.

V.A.T. valued added tax must be collected
Must be added and paid by seller in your home country. It is sellers obligation.
(Danish companies shall sell only with local Danish V.A.T which they must pay on all sales and which is 25%. Only relevant to Danish people)

Payment handling for sold art
All sales is between seller and buyer only.
Art-Nordic does not get any part of the proceeds.

When payment is made it best and fastest IF

  • Charging by using your own credit card machine if it works.
  • Use MobilePay or similar.
  • You have agreed to another payment system which of course is between seller and seller.
  • We advise you can use I-Zette for credit card payments and fast processing (se under possibilities of payment)
  • Go to reception and Art-Nordic assist you with collecting payment from the customer, followed by forwarding you the full payment minus all bank charges.

It is a slow system and can take 2-3 weeks to clear before paid you, but it works and no money has been lost over 6 years).

IF we are to facilitate the money transfer Art-Nordic needs from you as seller (in order to reimburse you the proceeds) your IBAN number and your SWFT/BIC ID codes.

Remember to keep receipts if/when you sell.
Pay and buy in a book shop (3 copies) (one for you, one for the customer and one for your bookkeeping if we are to trace payments for you and to proceed with reimbursement).

GLUE, TAPE AND OTHER ways of attaching art to a wall and for easy adjustment
Easy is to use “glue”. Which is dubble glue tape by TESA Power. You can buy it from Art-Nordic to:

Link to the order form

Business Cards and/or introduction to you art
Do not forget to bring and hand out any material which might support your

Must be the 4th April for delivery or the 5th before noon
Or pick up the 8th April before 10am.
Easy for your client when / if need be
Hand over the sold art to deliver your sold works.
Collet and drop off

Otto Bussesvej 5 A
2450 Copenhagen
Or call: +45 5189 5172

Use main entrance and we help you


Parking: click for bigger pictures

Booking of hotel is exhibitors own responsibility.
We recommend reasonable priced hotels within a short working distance from the sales and art exhibition. You may park your car there and avoid expensive parking problems at Lokomotivværkstedet.

Tivoli Hotel & Congress Center
Arni Magnussens Gade 2
1577 Copenhagen V.
Telefon: +45 4487 0000

Wake Up Copenhagen
Carsten Niebuhrsgade 11
1577 København V
Telefon: +45 44800010

Scandic Hotel Sydhavnen
Sydhavnsplads 15
2450 Købehnavn SV
Telefon: +45 8833 3666

We recommend that you book as soon as possible.

There is WIFI at Art-nordic sales- and art exhibition
All exhibitors may receive th needed access code in the reception from Art-Nordic sales- and art exhibition

Can be purchased at the sales- and art exhibition.
You may choose between lots of various alternative food facilities, likewise can we add, that the food is good,in expensive and right at Fisketorvet which is merely  400 meters.
You may too purchase foodfrom the café at Art-Nordic and/or freshly brewed cofffeee from various coffee locations. Or buy Chocolade and icecream (from the best in towm).

This is how you create an album at ’Art Nordic Internatonal’ on your PC or \mobile.

  1. Go to the “Art Nordic International”
  2. One of the Ikons says ‘billeder’ push that.
  3. Here you will see the ikon ‘opret album’ push that.
  4. Write your headline: Name, Art Nordic, stand number …..
  5. Write something about yourself and your art. A presentation. It would be an advanges to write both in Danish and in English.
  6. Add photos. Push the ikon ‘tilføj billeder’. Choose photos from your PC, and write title, size, medium, and year the work was produced.

FACEBOOK: Is there a closed forum for exhibitors and organizers?

FACEBOOK and Instagram

Has Art-Nordic an official FACEBOOK page for artists and people interested in art.
Art-Nordic has an official group called Art Nordic International – for artist and art lovers

Has Art-Nordic an official INSTAGRAM page for artists and people interested in art.
Link til instagram

Laynet Wynsch. She takes questions and responds.

5th April 2019 from 2PM to 7PM
6th April 2019 from, 10AM to 6 PM
7th April 2019 from 10AM to 5PM

Tickets at the entrance DKK 70 for multiple visits throughout the 3 days.
Children less than 18 years old – free admittance
Tickets presold DKK 60 each


CVR number: 35404244

Art-Nordic ApS
Management: Laynet Lore Wynsch and Boi Wynsch
Sofiedalsvej 48
4690 Haslev
Telephone: +45 5189 5172


Tivoli Hotel & Congress Center

Scandic Sydhavnen

Wakeup Copenhagen