Invitation - Art-Nordic

TRAbergArt – stand 189 at Art-Nordic 2018


to exhibit at Scandinavia’s largest sales and art exhibition


at Lokomotivværkstedet in Copenhagen 5ᵗʰ-7ᵗʰ April 2019.

Download the invitation as pdf.

The Art-Nordic Sales- and art exhibition will be held on 5th-7th April 2019 at Lokomotivværkstedet in the heart of Copenhagen. It features 220 artists from approx. 30 nations participating, and for the past 5 years the Exhibition has had +65.000 visiting guests from six continents, making it the largest Sales- and art exhibition in Scandinavia.

On Facebook, approx. 4,000 visitors reviewed Art-Nordic and awarded the Exhibition a 4.5**** average rating on a scale with a maximum of 5***** awarded by Facebook.

Visit and see how Art-Nordic marketed the participating artists at sales- and art exhibitions during the past 5 years. Experience artists and guests making a real difference for the enjoyment of art, other visitors, galleries and art associations from home and abroad. Also meet art
Exhibition representatives from large parts of the world who also follow art trends in search of unique art of high quality at Exhibition prices. Of those who invited themselves, the 2018 exhibition you find Hearst Publishing in Moscow, Russia and Sotheby’s out of London, Great Britain.

10,000m2 are available to the selected artists.

During the past 5 years, Art-Nordic has been sold out month before the sales- and art- exhibition has started, and the same result is expected for the art sales- and art exhibition in central Copenhagen in April 2019.

You keep 100% of proceeds of sales. Art-Nordic takes no fee for the art you sell before, during or after the annual art Exhibition.

The price for participating as an exhibitor is reasonable, and you can choose to exhibit alongside another artist and save approx. 50% by sharing your stand. A small fee is charged if you share a sales- and exhibition space, partly because you must both be included in the electronic sales- and art exhibition catalogue which is free of charge by anyone interested in following the sales- and art exhibiting Art-Nordic artists and selected to take part in 2019.

The electronic catalogue is maintained for a minimum of five years for the benefit of all of you who enjoy the many contacts the exhibiting artists represent.

The Art-Nordic sales- and art exhibition publish an electronic catalogue art created by the many exhibitors and ensures that all interested buyers, galleries and art exhibitions, at home and abroad, as well as art clubs and investors, remain available for a minimum of five years in order to ensure a sustained interest in the art and artist.

Food, hot and cold drinks and ice cream can be purchased at the Sales- and art exhibition.

Parking is available close to Lokomotivværkstedet for a nominal fee considered it is the capital of Denmark.

Fra Art Nordic

From Art Nordic

Artist Hab-Vandenwijngaard at Art-Nordic

We are

sure, that you will gain great joy from exhibition your art at Art-Nordic sales- and art exhibition in april 2019.

Kunstner Finnermann på Art Nordic

Artist Finnermann at Art Nordic

+65.000 guests from 30 nations across 6 continents have visited Art-Nordic the past 5 years.
220 selected artists participate in 2019. During the past 5 years, Art-Nordic has been the largest Sales- and art exhibition in Scandinavia and Art-Nordic has been sold out several month of the upcoming Sales- and art exhibition.
10,000m2 of exquisite art, pottery, bronze sculptures, photography and silverware, pop up art, glassware art and art articles etc.
Remember, you pay no fee for selling your art - neither now nor later. You keep 100% of your sales. Art-Nordic will not make money from your success.
Food, cold and hot drinks can be purchased.
Each sales- and exhibition space comes equipped with 6 LED lights and a chair. Tables,
etc. can be rented. A list of what items can be rented will be distributed as we get closer to the art fair in the winter of 2018/2019.
Remember, you can exhibit with another artist - share a stand and save 50%, minus a fee of DKK 1,000 which we add because you and your co-exhibitor must pay for the extra costs associated with the electronic art book, etc.
Three talented artists in each their category will be selected among the exhibiting artists, and each of the three winners will receive special awards for respectively best art 2019, best foreign artist 2019 and most innovative artist 2019. The three individuals will further get free stands for 2020 worth DKK 10,000 each, in addition to the honour and the high advertising value an award brings with it.
The electronic catalogue will be posted online a few weeks before the art fair starts in
April 2019 and contain clear contact information about stands and links to your website, making you easy to find/contact. This promotes sales at the national and international level and among the many art-loving guests, galleries and approx. 300 to 400 art associations also visiting the Art-Nordic Sales and Art Fair exhibition.
Remember, you can park for a fee. Further information will follow.
You will receive 70 free tickets valid for two people. Value per ticket is DKK 140. Normal
fare is DKK 70 per person. Advance ticket sales before 31 March 2019, save 50%.
Further information will follow.
Remember, you can stay at e.g. Tivoli Hotel or Hotel Wakeup - both located less than
1 kilometre from the entrance to Lokomotivværkstedet. See contact info on the back.
The Art-Nordic art- and sales exhibition spends approximately DKK 2.5 million executing the sales- and art exhibition in 2019, just as was the case for previous Sales- and art exhibition organised by Art-Nordic. We know that this is necessary in order to create the required impact for all participants and guests involved, and for the exhibited art to change hands and find new home during the April 2019 Sales- and art exhibition. The investment is high but we Art-Nordic has learned years ago, it pays off.
Based on 4,000 reviews from Art-Nordic visitors, Facebook gives the Exhibition a rating of 4.5 ***** (stars) out of the maximum 5 ***** (stars), Facebook can assign. Art-Nordic does deliver results.

Sales- and exhibition space plan 2019 at Lokomotivværkstedet in the heart of Copenhagen

SIGN UP FOR A STAND AT Art-Nordic sales and art exhibition, 5TH-7TH OF APRIL 2019 TODAY.

Contact Art-Nordic via telephone +45 5189 5172 or write us at to book the stand you want, or if you have questions.

We will confirm your booking immediately and send an invoice.


Drawing area for children.
Table, chairs, paper and crayons.



Download space plan as pdf.


When you register as an exhibitor at Art-Nordic 2019, Art Nordic need from each of you as exhibitors the following:

  • your full name
  • your gallery name if you use one
  • your full address, postal code, city and country
  • your telephone number and country code
  • Your email address
  • Your website address
  • Facebook and address of other social media you use

Sign up now to secure your stand at the Art-Nordic Sales- and art exhibition 2019.

Wait for an invoice from Art-Nordic before initiating payment.

If the desired stand is not available, we will offer you one nearby. If our offered stand is not acceptable to you, we will immediately cancel the purchase and you get your
deposit back.


Stand sizeWidth/ depthMeters of wall in totalPrice DKK
25% V.A.T.
Danish V.A.T if in Denmark only
Price in DKK excluding 25% V.A.T. *)
Stand 6 m23 x 2 m7 mDKK 7.200DKK 5.760
(EUR 768)
Stand 9 m23 X 3 m9 m DKK 9.900DKK 7.920
(EUR 1.056)
Stand 12 m23 X 4 m11 mDKK 10.500DKK 8.400
(EUR 1.120)
Stand 8 m24 X 2 m8 m DKK 7.900DKK 6.320
(EUR 843)
Stand 12 m24 x 3 m10 mDKK 10.900DKK 8,720
(EUR 1.162)
Stand 16 m24 X 4 m12 m DKK 12.500DKK 10.800
(EUR 1.440)
Stand 10 m25 X 2 m9 mDKK 11.300DKK 9.040
(EUR 1.205)
Stand 15 m25 X 3 m11 mDKK 13.500DKK 10.800
(EUR 1.440)
Stand 20 m25 X 4 m13 mDKK 14.000DKK 11.200
(EUR 1.493)
Stand 12 m26 X 2 m10 mDKK 11.800DKK 9.440
(EUR 1.253)
Stand 16 m28 X 2 m12 mDKK 12.800DKK 10.240
(EUR 1.365)
Gallery Wall
(width x height)
3 x 2,4 m3 mDKK 3.300DKK 2.630
*) Report yourself and pay your local tax in your home country.
(Art-Nordic reverse the charges).
Precondition: Art-Nordic must have when you sign on, your TAX registration number.

When a sales- and exhibition space is rented, this is considered rental of advertising space. This appears from SKM2016.192.SR. This is why section 16, subsection (1) (undertaking) or section 16, subsection (4) (non-registered private individuals) shall apply. If the service for a registered company is the delivery point, where the buyer lives, the buyer must pay VAT via their own VAT accounts. Finally, if a service is sold to a non-registered company (private person), the exhibitor must add VAT on the invoice.

Payment must be made to:
Jyske Bank
Fændediget 1A, DK-4600 Køge, Denmark 5035 – Account no.: 0001491191

Payment from abroad:
IBAN: DK 1550350001491191

The above prices do not include extra supplies, and it is important to emphasize that a space attending the sales- and art exhibition cannot be transferred to another exhibitor unless preapproved in writing. Art-Nordic ApS reserves the right to make changes based on external factors.


Accommodation – book hotel

Art-Nordic recommends 2 hotels within 1 km of the Lokomotivværkstedet.

Tivoli Hotel & Congress Center

Tivoli Hotel & Congress Center
Arni Magnussons Gade 2
1577 Copenhagen V
Phone: +45 4487 0000


Special price for accommodation

Single room,
1 person
EUR 136 per night
Double room,
2 persons
EUR 150 per night

Scandic Sydhavnen

Group Sydhavn
Scandic Sydhavnen
Sydhavns Plads 15
2450 Copenhagen SV
Phone: +45 8833 3666


Special price for accommodation

A 4**** hotel merely 750 meter from Art-Nordic.

A double room with breakfast each of the 3 days for 2 and including free parking throughout the entire stay.EUR 460


Wakeup Copenhagen

Wakeup Copenhagen
Carsten Niebuhrs Gade 11
1577 Copenhagen V
Phone: +45 4480 0000


See you in

Lokomotivværkstedet in the heart of Copenhagen
5ᵗʰ – 7ᵗʰ April 2019
Otto Busses Vej 5A, 2450 Copenhagen SV

Opening hours:

Friday 5 April 2pm – 7pm
Saturday 6 April 10am – 5pm
Sunday 7 April 10am – 5pm