Pris: 13.000 DKK

Bredde: 100 cm

Højde: 80 cm


The images of alternative couples painted in intense colors are a striking testament to the artist’s bold and innovative approach to color. These works challenge our expectations of what a traditional couple should look like, with blue and green skin tones and unconventional clothing in shades of pink, yellow and other bright hues.

Through their use of color, the artist has created a powerful statement about the way in which we perceive the world around us. The vibrant colors of the paintings evoke a sense of joy and possibility, while the unconventional portrayal of the couples invites us to question our assumptions about gender and sexuality.

In these works, the artist has drawn inspiration from a range of sources, including pop art, surrealism and contemporary fashion. The result is a collection of paintings that are both timeless and of the moment, capturing the spirit of the age in which they were created.

Whether seen individually or as a group, these paintings command attention with their bold use of color and innovative subject matter. They remind us that art has the power to challenge our assumptions, expand our horizons and push us beyond our comfort zones. And in this way, they are a testament to the enduring power of creativity to inspire and transform us all.

Kunstværket er lavet af

Artwork made by

Alan Chac


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