Anna Egle

Anna Egle (b.1990. Riga based) sculptor, artist

Anna Egle (b. 1990, Riga, Latvia) is a Riga based artist who works with the medium of sculpture, connecting it to the symbolism of poetic language and the gesture of performance, as a way of opening one’s imagination to deeper dimensions of expression.
Growing up in a family lineage of renowned sculptors and artists, the value of art was imprinted on her from a young age. Anna received both her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Sculpture from the Art Academy of Latvia. Her decade long practice of sacred art of Budhism and
the avant garde Japanese theatre dance Butoh, largely influence her artistic style and the manner of how her sculptures take shapes. The light and shadow has great importance to her sculpting process. When creating objects in space it is the most valuable tool for Anna. The eye can never be trained more at seeing and sensing these simple values as they form the lines and shapes.

How the artwork is created is important for her as she believes that all objects in space can have an important impact even in cosmic perspective.

Anna has learned to uncover a sense of openness and flexibility while appreciating the endlessly creative interplay of space and form that shapes the reality we live in. Anna’s work is inspired by the here and now of experience, by inner unresolved processes, and by questions such as, “Can the ugly truth be transformed into a sacred form of art?” Her sculptures often point to the awakened qualities of transformation, embodiment, and timelessness and immerse the viewer in a sense of contemplation and wonder.
Anna’s artistic practice includes both small and very large scale projects and commissions made in Latvia and in Northern California in the United States, where she spends much of her time. Since 2012, she has been creating an elaborate collection of sculptures (some spanning twenty nine feet high) inspired by the sacred art traditions of India and Tibet. Anna’s works have been featured in various exhibitions throughout Europe and in the United States.