Britt-Marie Tidemand

We shine light on the transformative nature of existence...

There is a dark sensual fascination to Britt-Marie Tidemand’s paintings. The Swedish artist portrays the emotions buried deep within our psyche with fearless intensity. Grotesque faces emerge from a pitch black background, their mouths locked in an agonizing grimace; beautiful longilineal figures stand at the center of the canvas, looking back at us enigmatically, as if coming from a dream; twisted bodies float upside down in a sea of fire. The palette is warm: reds, oranges, yellows accompanied by shades of gold, chocolate, and black. The texture is buttery and soft, as conveyed by oil paint, either alone or mixed with sand from the shores of Gothenburg. Through her work Tidemand wants us to feel, hear, and see at all costs. Even if this means dragging us into the flames, blasting our ears with cries of agony, or dazzling our eyes with beauty. Tidemand has exhibited widely in Scandinavia as well as in England, Italy and New York.


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