Cornelia Gullberg

A Colorful Journey Through Abstract Art

Abstract landscapes, organic shapes, subconscious and imaginative; these are just a few of the elements that characterize the artworks of Cornelia Gullberg.

A self-taught artist from Falsterbo, Sweden, her interest in art and design began at an early age when much of her time would be spent creating and fantasizing in her grandfather’s Falsterbo Art Atelier, surrounded by nature to inspire her. Her interest and curiosity grew stronger with the experience of how different color pigments interacted with each other in different contexts.

After graduating from the Interior Design program at CATC Design School in Sydney, Australia, the positive response she received for her talent for mixing color schemes in interior spaces guided her to pursue her passion for the expression of painting, which had been growing alongside her journey. At that point, it had become her therapy, a healing tool, an alternative mediation. Cornelia interlaces the world of abstract art with wellness and today she also teaches art therapy courses to support individuals in cultivating their creativity through painting and tuning into their intuitive selves. “I strongly believe that we are creators of our own reality. We are divine beings enjoying a creative experience that can be expressed through our art and our way of interacting with the world around us”.

Cornelia’s paintings are created on linen and cotton canvas, with oil paint applied using different techniques. With a color palette of earthy and awakening tones, raw textures and profound depth, these works transform the space they occupy, creating an ambiance within the room.

The materiality and sensual quality of oil paint is an essential element of Cornelia’s process. She is fascinated by the way in which paint can express feelings that cannot be put into words, the medicine of the colors, somehow conveying an emotional harmonic motion through the mysterious process of painting where she expresses her spirituality, emotions and creativity through the guided process of the colors. Her process can be compared to writing a diary, where each painting has its own story to tell; where abstract faces, creatures and landscapes appear. A new painting starts and evolves from a feeling in the here and now. Inspired by different cultures, Mother Nature and mixing color schemes that symbolize the present emotion is a way for her to lose herself in the moment where the subconscious mind takes over.

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