Smooth transition into mixed media works and hidden secrets

CROW  is a German artist born in 1970. As a musician, he toured numerous countries before devoting himself entirely to visual contemporary art and moving to Shanghai and Tokyo. In China, CROW met THE GHAO BROTHERS, whose works are very much charged with political and social nuances. In addition, a very close friendship developed.

In 2020, the painter, musician, photographer, performance artist moves back to Germany, where he works in his studio in Bamberg. During his time in Asia, he created large-format paintings and drawings, photographs and installations in which the artist deals with the human condition and explores it in his works.

CROW’s paintings thrive on the devotional power of melancholy and other feelings hidden in it. He thus follows the conception that great art presupposes great suffering and that the enjoyment of art implicitly means enjoying this suffering. His style is characterized by a harmonious use of figurative elements and very strong brushstrokes on several levels. He deconstructs his subject and highlights his three-dimensional qualities. He also uses the same technique in his photographs, which allow a smooth transition into his mixed media works and hidden secrets revealed in the imprints become impressive structures in the images in order to reconstruct something in its visibility.

CROW’s installations stage a metamorphic search in relation to human development in its roots and reflect its existence today. His installations open up a field of vision for man’s dwindling attachment to nature and the associated careless handling of our livelihoods. In impressive multimedia performances, CROW combines his own poetry of lyrics, reading, and music determined by random processes.

The works of CROW are represented in numerous private collections and in museums.