Mariëlle Vroemen

Dare staying curious; creating gives energy

Mariëlle Vroemen lives and works in The Netherlands. She has her homestay and studio in the beautiful village of Geffen. Mariëlle studied psychology at the University of Leiden. Art has always been part of her life. So, in later years, she joined the Academy of Art in Genk (Belgium) where she studied Sculpture and Spatial Art. After a successful career as a clinical psychologist she now dedicates her life to her artwork.

She finds sources of inspiration for her artwork in her love for people and in the nature around her. These are subjects that are always changing and  growing. For her these are subjects of continuous interest. In particular she uses themes like growth, authenticity, development and existence  in her art in an abstract way. Thereby tension in form and structures is what Mariëlle is always looking for when creating her artwork. She has developed her own very special style and processing when using techniques and materials.

In the course of her young career Mariëlle has already obtained various recognitions for her artwork. Also she appeared in various publications that review her work, like in Artisti di Oggi e di Domani, Artist of Today and Tomorrow – 2023 edited by Gangemi. In January 2024 her work has been published in Contemporary celebrity Masters Vol. VII edited by EffetoArte. In the Netherlands her work has been  published in Art Guide Artists – 2021 edited by ArtBite Studio/Fransastic. Meanwhile she has exhibited in several galleries in the Netherlands. Some of her main exhibitions are: CaroArt Gallery – Deventer; MicksArt Gallery – Emmen; Cathedral of St. John – Den Bosch, Gallery De Kleine Toonzaal – Huizen; Synagogue  – Weesp, Gallery Kunst 2001 – Badhoevedorp. Internationally she  exhibited at Kunstkracht in Genk, Belgium and she also took part in several international exhibitions of contemporary art in Italy: Galleria de Marchi – Bologna, Rossocinabro Gallery – Rome; Biblioteca Angelica – Rome, Gangemi Editore – Rome.

In 2023 she participated at the Rome Art Week and the 19th Edition Day of Contemporary Art AMACI, also in Rome. In January 2024 she has been awarded by the International Botticelli Prize in Palazzo Borghese in Florence. Mariëlle Vroemen is a passionate artist and her very unique style and techniques used in her artwork create a large international attention.