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ARTUNITES September 1 – 3

Our second sales exhibition in 2023 will be held September 1-3, 2023 at Volume at Enghavevej.

For ARTUNITES, we bring together 50+ artists in Volume and Game in Vesterbro. ARTUNITES is a celebration of community and solidarity through art.

Price: DKK 6,000 + VAT. Price includes lights. It is possible to rent a chair.

Address: Enghavevej 80, 2450 København


The first sales exhibition in 2024 will be held on d. May 3 – 5, 2024 in Lyngby at the BMW Experience Center.

ARTEXPERIENCE is an exclusive exhibition with space for 50 artists. .

Price: 6,800 DKK + VAT. The price includes lights. It is possible to rent a chair.

Address: Firskovvej, 2300 Kongens Lyngby


About ARt Nordic

Art Nordic works with artists, organisations and professionals to examine art’s influence on people and societies.

We believe that art can strengthen communities. That’s why we create events and projects where artists and art enthusiasts can come together to develop the role and potential of art.


“Art Nordic provides great service and they are really serious and professional.
An exhibition that is super beautiful and exciting for all senses and communities.”

Trustpilot, 2022


Performing the work professionally, informing artists clearly and well, and ultimately active on social media. Very satisfied.”

Trustpilot, 2022


“I was part of the exhibition this year in April. I made a lot of contacts and Art Nordic was definitely key. The communication was also really good. I would definitely love to participate again!”

Google, 2023

Lasse OSV

As an artist, I had a really good experience at Art Nordic. I felt well treated and had the opportunity to network with talented artists. I also had a really good sale of artwork.

Google, 2023


How do I become a part of Art Nordic?

Art Nordic’s exhibitions are curated. Therefore, you must apply to participate.

We will need pictures of your art, a description of your praxis, and your motivation as an artist. It is also a good idea to have a CV ready and to update your SoMe platforms and website.

How do you choose the artists for the exhibitions?

We are focusing on the following concepts when selecting artists for Art Nordic:

Expression: how does the art speak to the eye and the body?

Concept: what is the thought behind the art?

Technique: does the work show technical ability?

Invitation: does the work open up to the viewer?

References: does the work extend to other works of art or cultural phenomena?

Materiality: how do the materials of the artwork appear?

Responsibility: is the artwork connected to the Global Goals?

This is not meant as a checklist the artwork has to live completely up to. We are aiming for diversity in the selection of artists.

Read more about the artistic profile of Art Nordic: About Art Nordic.

Can I get free tickets to Art Nordic as an exhibitor?

As an exhibitor, you will receive 70 free admission tickets.

How do I set up my art?

It is possible to attach the works with adhesive nails or hooks.

How do I transport my art into the exhibition?

Trolleys are available at the exhibitions.

Who are the visitors

Art-Nordic attracts many different visitors who are interested in art. We see many individuals but also galleries and art associations from Denmark and abroad. And art fair representatives from large parts of the world, who also follow art trends in the pursuit of unique, high-quality art. Among those who have previously invited themselves are, among others, Hearst Publishing, and Sotheby’s from London.

What is the price to become a part of Art Nordic?

Booth prices at the fairs and exhibitions will vary based on the size of the event, the number of artists attending, and the program. Prices are typically between 4,500 and 10,500 DKK.

The payment deadline after approval is 10 days.

How large are the stand walls?

The stems are 3+1 meters or 6+1+1 meters and 2.4 meters tall.

Are there any lamps at my stand?

Lights are included in the price.


We will not provide a refund for cancellations that happen less than two months before exhibitions. In the event of cancellation on Art Nordic’s part, the full amount minus the administration fee will be refunded.

What about insurance?

It is the exhibitor’s own insurance that covers the works during Art Nordic’s exhibitions.

Food and drinks

Coffee, water, beer, wine, sandwiches and light snacks are sold at Art Nordic’s exhibitions.

Your profit.

100% of what you sell is yours. Art-Nordic does not charge for the art you sell before, during or after the annual art fair.