Husted Vin Ø

Double-tease your senses when we unite wine and art

In relation to Art Nordic 2022 in Lokomotivværkstedet, our partner Husted Vin is arranging an organic- and natural wine festival in the venue.

This gives us a unique opportunity to celebrate art and wine simultaneously.

Art Nordic’s purpose is to host meaningful encounters between art and people, and this is where Husted Vin can add their special atmosphere and delicious wine to deepen your overall experience.

The organic- and natural wine festival is celebrated at Lokomotivværkstedet June 24 – 25, but remember Art Nordic 2022 is, of course, celebrated during the 26th as well.

You will be able to taste delicious wine from more than 12 wine producers who can tell you EVERYTHING about the wine that you taste!

The environment will be relaxed and in pure line with the spirit of Husted Wine. That means a huge emphasis on the cozy and unpretentious.

The price is 140 DKK



Husted Vin

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