Art Nordic brought us together

November 28, 17:00 marked the end of Art Nordic 2021, the largest art fair in the northern region. It is time to evaluate. More than 200 artists were gathered in order to exhibit and sell their art. Their participation gave us all something meaningful to gather around.

After a period characterized by Corona cancels and delays Art Nordic returned in 2021 for the first time in two years. Our venue, Lokomotivværkstedet, set the stage for an Art Fair that brimmed with unity and a shared passion for art.

“We’ve been looking forward to presenting our amazing artists and our new initiatives such as the special exhibition and Art Talks on the scene to our audience. We are very happy with how well it all was received.” says Loa Brix who is co-owner of Art Nordic: “This was the first chapter in a new era in the history of Art Nordic. A huge thanks to all the artists, guests, and partners who, collectively, made all these new initiatives a success!”.

A wide selection resonated well with the audience

10.000 guests set their foot at Art Nordic, despite the collision with Black Friday, demonstrations, and an ever-worsening of the Covid situation. Among the visitors were Jonna and Peter, who had come all the way from Odsherred: “It is an immense experience, because of the many artists”. And the colors. It is especially the colors that we notice. There are so many talented artists gathered here.”


Additionally, more than 250 representatives from various art organizations visited Art Nordic 2021. As a board member in one of the visiting art organizations, Alice is fast when agreeing with Jonna and Peter. “I’m always keeping an eye out for this type of event. It is nice to have the opportunity of seeing so much variety, as you can here. Actually I really that you can see so much different art. Colors, forms, and expressions.”


Art Nordic returns in June 2022

Luna Antoni aka Moonmade participated at Art Nordic for the first time. On top of the fact that many of her works have found new homes, she is also fond of her many positive experiences at Art Nordic: “To hear all the different opinions and interpretations of my art, and finally being able to say hello, here in “the real world” after such a long Corona-break.”


The Nordic Region’s largest art fair returns next year where the doors to Art Nordic 2022 will be opening June 24-26.


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