Artful home: How to get more enjoyment from art in your everyday life

Choose art wisely! When you decorate your home with art, you create a new narrative where each piece of art is its own chapter. Think about what feelings and thoughts each piece evokes in you - and place them in the right places in your home. Here are five tips for bringing art into your home in a way that benefits both aesthetics and well-being

Art can transform an ordinary space into an inspiring oasis. It’s a powerful way to express your personality, add color and depth to your walls and create an atmosphere that speaks to your senses. But more importantly, art affects your and your family’s psyche and wellbeing. So choose art wisely and know that by buying art, you’re not only investing in the aesthetics of your home, but also in your wellbeing.


5 tips on how to enjoy art in your home

Here we give you our top tips for bringing art into your home in a way that lifts the atmosphere and mood:


    1. Your personal connection: When choosing art for your home, it’s crucial to choose pieces that resonate with YOU. Art shouldn’t just fit the color scheme of your home; it should speak to you and your family. So decorate with pieces that you want to look at again and again, that trigger thoughts and maybe even remind you of a special experience. The real value of a work of art lies in the stories it creates for the viewer. Read more about the influence of art on us in this blog post by Ambernation.
    2. Consider the character of the room: Let the room’s size, color scheme and interior design style play a role in your choice of artwork. A large piece can act as a dramatic centerpiece in the living room, while smaller pieces can fit beautifully in corridors or near doors. Also consider the influence of lighting on art. And by all means, make sure there’s enough lighting on the piece to show it off to its best advantage. In fact, it’s easy to overlook a work that isn’t properly lit. Read more about choosing art that fits in your space in this article at On Better Living.
    3. Variation in size and shape: It pays to think about creating a visual rhythm in the art on your walls. By combining works of different sizes and shapes, you can create a dynamic and exciting exhibition. Imagine a central large painting flanked by smaller works or posters that add detail and interest to the surroundings. Find more inspiration for combining and varying the art on your walls in this article at Curated Interior.
    4. Mix different styles: Mixing different art styles and materials can add an extra dimension to the experience. Try combining modern art with more classic pieces to create an exciting contrast. For example, an abstract painting next to a more realistic portrait can create an attention-grabbing visual dialog.
    5. Create your own narrative: Think of your artwork as a cohesive story. How does each piece fit into this narrative? How do they complement each other? Each artwork has its own narrative. And by combining works with each other in your home, you can create new stories from existing ones. This way, as an art collector, you are a co-creator of the works, and by hanging them your way, you give them a new dimension that is unique to your home. Art has always been an effective way to tell stories, and today we are seeing more and more examples of how art is being used to help people develop their own life narrative. In Denmark, more and more therapists and coaches are also becoming aware of how art can be used in therapy. Read more about art as self-development at ArtMentum here.

Sujatha Kristensen

Walk with smaller work by Art Nordic exhibitor Sujatha Kristensen

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